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About Us

The Tax Analytics Group (TAG) is a specialty consulting firm providing innovative projects that reduce tax liabilities.
By blending the combined knowledge of CPAs, engineers, attorneys, architects, programmers, and LEED APs, our projects are well rounded and fully developed. We heavily use technological resources, many of which we have self-developed, to ensure that our projects are repeatable and performed efficiently. We place the utmost emphasis on exceeding expectations by being responsive, communicative, knowledgeable and creative. Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, we are a national firm serving the entire United States.

TAG Advantage

  • TAG combines the expertise of CPAs, attorneys, architects, programmers, LEED accredited professionals and professional engineers to provide tax strategies that are well rounded and innovative.
  • TAG performs and encourages free preliminary analyses on all projects. To our knowledge, we are the only major firm that offers a comprehensive project review at no cost.
  • The Tax Analytics Group team has combined the expertise of the Big-4 accounting firms and the national tax projects groups within.
  • We use technologies, such as cost estimation software used by construction professionals, as well as Fixed Asset Express, a software program pioneered by TAG, to provide efficient projects and accurate and repeatable results.
  • From single-office CPA firms to Fortune 500 companies, we have the expertise to help
    organizations of all sizes.
  • We are strong advocates for our clients. If there is a way to maximize the benefits of of our projects, we will find it.
  • For many projects, we cap our fees based upon the value provided to ensure value promised.
  • While we provide turnkey solutions, we identify ways to leverage your staff so that expenses are minimized.
  • Not wanting to leave any stone unturned, we have a dedicated professional to explore all state and local tax opportunities.
  • We deliver results that are complete, audit-ready and insured.
  • We provide frequent updates and maintain open communication so that projects proceed efficiently and delays are reduced.
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